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"Can you see the music?"

Synesthesia Sinfonietta is an orchestral ensemble under the direction of Isaiah Castro and comprised of musicians from the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas.  The group is seeking to expand to performances that occur four times a year (seasonally-fall, winter, spring, summer) and to frequently include choral/orchestral works in performance repertoire. Each concert will be comprised of thematic programming that features relatively known or lesser-known works of timeless composers alongside new pieces that are being premiered or have recently been written.  Additionally, the group aims in the long term to provide community outreach opportunities through “meet the orchestra”, educational enrichment programming, interactive rehearsals with musicians providing masterclasses to the community, and unique collaborative projects with artists and cultural influencers.

 The board members of Synesthesia Sinfonietta plan to meet monthly not only for the purposes of planning future programming but also for securing musicians, marketing materials, instruments, sheet music, equipment, rehearsal spaces, performance venues, and adequate funding for each of the performances.  The board also intends to communicate regularly with current, potential, and future donors. Additionally, this board will conduct research and apply for grants that will enable the ensemble to provide thematically programmed concerts in various spaces with sufficient resources to provide quality programming and reasonable compensation for musicians and administrators.

In conclusion, Synesthesia Sinfonietta seeks to contribute to Southern California as an ensemble that provides quality and unique concert programming and seeks to collaborate with various artists in various fields, with the intended outcome that all who attend Synesthesia Sinfonietta concerts or work with Synesthesia Sinfonietta ensemble and artistic director are enriched as humans beyond simple consumption of concert music, but in their other senses and within their personal human existence.

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